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I’m a forty three year old rosacea sufferer, currently undertaking an MA in Creative Writing. I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and makeup and can remember inventing my own beauty concoctions by combining products and slathering them all over my face – perhaps that’s why my skin’s so sensitive now…

I was a model (believe it or not) for five years, and an actress for fifteen, which cemented my interest in makeup and the amazing way it can transform you.

I’m now really excited by anti-aging solutions, however many creams and lotions can exacerbate my condition. I want to help others suffering from sensitive skin discover a skincare regime that works for them. I also want to be honest about the psychological effects rosacea can have by affecting one’s self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, it’s my mission to test out products which are specifically designed for aging, sensitive skin (and those that aren’t). I will never pretend to like a product, or recommend something that I don’t believe in. Please feel free to share advice with me and each other and/or suggest anything you’d like me to try, and review.

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